July 8, 2013

Arrival in Japan

TOKYO (Tuesday, July 9, 2013)—The Nebraska contingent arrived in one piece on Monday evening (July 8) after a 12-hour flight from Chicago and a 2-hour bus ride from Narita Airport to the ANA Intercontinental Hotel.  Checked in and had about 20 minutes to get cleaned up before walking to dinner about 15 minutes away.

USMEF folks ordered on our behalf.  The restaurant featured "Japanese Fusion" cuisine and our menu included grilled edimame (soybeans), pork belly, smoked vegetables, fried chicken, bean curd, sushi and several other unique dishes, all requiring us to hone our chop sticks chops.

An early evening for everyone as it had been a veeerrrry loooong day.  But up and at 'em this morning as we get briefings from USMEF at the U.S. Embassy, meet with an importer who does business with Greater Omaha Pack, and take a tour of Seiyu, which is Japan's version of Wal-Mart. (Wondering if we'll see blue vests?)

More to come—including photos—as we begin our Japan mission in earnest within the hour.

By the way, we are 14 hours ahead of Central Daylight Time, not 13 as originally thought.

Stay tuned....

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