January 15, 2009

Brazil Concerned About World Perception

Brazilian energy officials are concerned that their nation is being held up as the only country that’s doing biofuels “right.” While they are deservedly proud of their achievements and leadership, they absolutely do not want public perception to be that sugar cane should be the sole source of biofuels. Biofuels are a global solution to a global challenge—and offer the opportunity to significantly disperse economic power and energy production from a few nations to hundreds. Sugar cane may be the feedstock of choice in Brazil but other feedstocks can make economic and environmental sense in other countries. In Brazil’s view as portrayed during our January 13 visit to the Ministry of Mining and Energy, not every country can grow sugar cane, but dozens of countries can participate in the benefits of biofuels using their own agricultural resources, policies and industry development.

PHOTO: Paul Taylor of Illinois makes a point during the group's January 13 visit to the Ministry of Mining and Energy in Brasilia.

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