January 26, 2009

Home At Last

One last "team photo" after we landed on Gustavo's
grass runway near San Andreas de Giles.
Naturally, we had to include our pilots, Carlos and Leandro,
who not only flew us safely across South America,
but kept us entertained and opened many doors for us.
P.S. Pay no attention to the dog in the background.
He's NOT doing what it may appear he's doing...
As far as we know, everyone made it home safely on Friday, January 23. Our plane left Buenos Aires as scheduled and once we hit Miami, we all went our separate ways to our respective states—better educated about the dynamics of Brazilian and Argentine grain production, biofuels, deforestation, government policy and socioeconomic issues. We'll be developing a summary of the mission, but more importantly, a series of action items related to the visit that will help our corn-producing states address some serious challenges related to land use change, exports, food and fuel, and international cooperation and competition.

Stay tuned for future updates to this blog as we fill in the blanks. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it. Adios!

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