January 12, 2009

Miami Twice

The best laid plans...

Last night's flight to Salvador, Brazil was canceled. And the rescheduled flight for early this morning (very, very early this morning) ended up not working out either. So, unfortunately, we continue to wait in Miami...We're rescheduled to leave tonight into Salvador (same flight as last night, only 24 hours later) and hope to make a connection to Brasilia Tuesday morning in time for our scheduled meeting with the Ministry of Mining and Energy, as well as Petrobas, Brazil's semi-private energy company. At this point, we've missed our first day of activity in the Recife area and thus will likely not have the opportunity to see sugar cane harvest. Bummer.

An aside: This morning's USA Today carried a headline that said U.S. airlines have recorded their safest two years in history. After our experience the past 18 hours, we think we know why. It's awfully hard to have airplanes fall from the sky when you don't put them there in the first place!

Stay tuned. Our sequel to "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" continues...;-)

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